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4 Risks of a Poorly Maintained Bathroom That You Can’t Ignore

One of the most exciting aspects of home renovation is bathroom remodel. But, just like any other renovation project, there are risks of neglecting the need for a proper remodeling job. These risks should never be overlooked, as they can be quite costly and disruptive if ignored. With that in mind, here are four risks or dangers listed by your trusted bathroom remodeler if you neglect the needs of your bathroom when it comes time for a renovation project:

Poor Workmanship

One of the biggest risks of failing to pay attention to the need for a proper remodeling job is poor workmanship. A rushed job leads to shoddy work that can cause major problems down the road. Taking the time to hire experienced bathroom remodeling professionals reduces the risk of subpar workmanship, ensuring that every aspect of your project is completed to perfection.

Pest Infestation

Neglecting to properly seal certain areas of the bathroom remodel can allow pests to easily access the interior of the home, potentially creating an infestation. Even small spaces can be enough for several pests to set up shop without proper preventative measures in place.

Increased Energy Costs

Bathroom renovations can be an opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of the space. Failing to pay attention to insulation and lighting can lead to increased energy costs. Properly completing the job will help to reduce energy bills and save money long-term.

Mold Growth

One of the riskiest aspects of a bathroom remodel is the potential for mold growth. DIY or rushed jobs may not properly account for the level of moisture in the bathroom, leading to mold. By focusing on waterproof and sealed surfaces, any risks for mold can be greatly reduced.

To avoid these risks and make sure you get the most out of your bathroom remodel, it’s important to hire an experienced and qualified bathroom remodeler who understands the nuances of the process. Up & Down Movers should be your go-to contractor for bathroom remodeling in the New Haven, CT area and we’re dedicated to helping you get the job done right and on time! Contact us at (203) 600-1062 today to get the bathroom upgrade that you deserve!