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How Movers Move Furniture

3 Tips in Moving Pieces of Furniture

Of all the difficulties in moving, perhaps none is more challenging than moving furniture. Tables, wardrobes, sofas, and dressers tend to be clunky and heavy. Of course, hiring movers for some help would be the ideal choice; however, if you plan to take on the task yourself, you got to prepare! There are several considerations you need to make before you move your furniture.

Make a Plan

Study the situation before starting your move. If you’re moving things around from place to place within your residence, you don’t want to get started before you know where you want them. Making a layout of each room is an excellent method of attack. If it’s too much trouble, take measurements for each piece. Measure each hallway and doorway the piece has to pass through.

Lighten the Load

The move won’t be so physically taxing if you remove as many drawers and take them individually to the new room. Even taking the cushions and pillows off of sofas and chairs will lighten the load. If necessary, remove any glass tops, knobs, handles, feet, or any extra part to avoid parts from “catching” on things as they pass.

Use Sliders

A beautiful product on the market today can genuinely increase the ease of moving furniture. Sliders are designed to work on hardwood floors and carpets and are lovely for eliminating scratches and tears on materials such as wood or vinyl. If you don’t want to use these sliders, you can also use homemade items like a blanket, rags, or a small rug; drag the piece easily.

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